Patentwerk offers services in the field of patents

The work we can carry out for you is firstly aimed at acquiring and defending patent rights, such as drafting patent applications, taking care of the global granting of patents, defending patents in opposition and invalidity proceedings initiated by third parties, concluding licence agreements and, where necessary, conducting infringement proceedings.

We are also able to help you when you are confronted with third-party patent rights, for example if you are accused of infringing a patent. In that case, we can conduct opposition and invalidity proceedings against these patents.

To this end, our firm offers a team of patent attorneys with various technical backgrounds and the legal knowledge which is needed to successfully represent the interests of our clients. We have both Dutch and international clients, including several companies listed on the stock exchange. The internal organization uses a management system that has been ISO 9001-certified for over 15 years now and has been ISO/IEC 27001-certified since April of 2017.

Contact us without obligation to see what we can do for you. A preliminary initial meeting is offered free of charge.