A patent monopoly provides economic value

Patents offer an exclusive right on marketing technical inventions in one or more countries for a maximum period of validity of 20 years. Technical inventions can cover a wide variety of areas: from simple consumer items to complicated machines, production methods or medicines.

Exclusive right
The exclusive right granted by a patent makes it possible to prevent others from making, using or selling the protected invention. This right gives a patent economic value, which can be exploited, for example, by selling the patent or licences.

Non-technical innovations

A patent right is usually not suitable for protecting non-technical innovations, such as logos, music, texts or artistic creations with a purely aesthetic function. Protection can be acquired for these using other intellectual property rights, such as copyright, trade mark and design laws. If it seems that your development is not suitable for protection by patent, Patentwerk can refer you to a specialist in the applicable field of intellectual property law.

Patent applications
Under 'patent application', you will find information about how to establish a patent right.